Media Releases

September 6, 2019   Transformative change underway at Fisheries and Oceans Canada to advance reconciliation

September 5, 2019   Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia announce investments in wild salmon conservation, habitat restoration and research science projects throughout British Columbia

  • The National Indigenous Fisheries Institute will engage with Indigenous communities to identify potential large-scale, multi-Nation initiatives that could be supported by BCSRIF. This work will also encourage increased Indigenous involvement in science partnerships, innovation and infrastructure investments that would improve productivity, sustainability, and safety across the sector.

June 21, 2019   Reconciliation at core of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard’s work

May 24, 2019   Setting a new course for Indigenous and Government of Canada collaboration through the co-development, co-design, and co-delivery of fisheries programs

May 22, 2019   Reconcile Resource Management by Reflecting Indigenous Rights in Fisheries and Oceans Programs, Practises and Policies

May 22, 2018   Ignite a Culture Change as a Mission of Government

October 4, 2017   Co-development, Co-design, and Co-delivery of Indigenous Fisheries Programs