Indigenous Program Review Implementation

The views of Indigenous people, communities, businesses and organizations shaped Indigenous Program Review recommendations about how the Department needs to improve its programs and accelerate success using three approaches:

  1. taking practical steps to make the administration of programs more efficient
  2. igniting a culture change across all DFO regions and sectors by approaching program renewal through the lens of truth and reconciliation – and the long-term goal of a balanced relationship between the Government of Canada and Indigenous communities
  3. reconciling resource management by recognizing the co-management capacity of Indigenous peoples and their jurisdiction and authority over territorial resources

The Institute is tracking the Department’s progress to respond to these recommendations.

We also continue to be a co-delivery partner in the implementation of some of the IPR recommendations and the roll-out of the Northern Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative. For example:

As featured on, the Institute assessed the technical capacities and needs of Indigenous groups and communities to be involved in marine spatial planning. This work is helping the Department build marine planning and conservation programs that involve Indigenous partners and help address their technical needs.