Indigenous Program Review Implementation

The implementation of Indigenous Program Review may involve specific engagement activities. For example, we recommended that Fisheries and Oceans Canada maximize departmental and other federal government collaborations to advance the growth, diversification and training of Indigenous commercial fishing enterprises – and to build the services and expertise of more Indigenous aquatic resource and oceans management groups. These recommendations were tied to specific actions:

  • Help commercial fishing enterprises access program funding from aquaculture and other business or economic development funding programs, such as the Atlantic Fisheries Fund or the newly announced Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund.
  • Connect groups to habitat, restoration, ocean, species at risk, science, and any other technically relevant funding programs, including at the Canadian Coast Guard

As featured on our indigenousoceans.ca website, the Institute recently engaged aquatic resource and oceans management groups and Indigenous communities in an assessment of their technical capacities to be involved in marine spatial planning – and their technical needs. This will help the Department build oceans funding programs to serve the technical needs of Indigenous recipients.

Indigenous Program Review Presentations, Workshops and Plenary Sessions

The Institute held several workshops across Canada between October 2017 and February 2018 to talk with program participants about the Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management program and the Atlantic and Pacific integrated commercial fisheries initiatives. Similar workshops related to the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy and the Aboriginal Fishery Guardian Program then took place between April 2018 and January 2019.

These engagement sessions were an opportunity to examine the topics identified in discussion papers in more depth. After each session, a ‘What we heard’ report was posted on this site. We then used all of the input of workshop participants to inform our phase one and phase two final reports.

The development of the Northern Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative was another activity undertaken by the Institute during Indigenous Program Review. To inform our recommendations on the best way to design this new program, we engaged eligible participants across Canada’s North – including Indigenous communities and businesses interested in participating in aquaculture.

Visit our engagement materials section to see the presentations and worksheets used during these sessions, as well as the What we heard reports. Go to the resources section to download our recommendation reports.