Presentations, Workshops and Plenary Sessions – Phase One

The Institute will hold several workshops across Canada over the autumn of 2017 and into February 2018 to talk with program participants about:

  • the Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management program
  • the Atlantic and Pacific integrated commercial fisheries initiatives

These workshops are an opportunity to examine, in more depth, the topics identified in the discussion papers. Plenary sessions related to these programs will then be led by the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat and the First Nations Fisheries Council of British Columbia.

Throughout this time frame, the Institute will also be giving presentations on, and engaging potential participants in, the development of the Northern Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative.

Engagement Schedule – Phase One


This schedule is subject to change. As each event and location are confirmed, the agenda will be posted, along with any additional documents.

‘What we heard’ at each workshop will also be posted following the event. Participants will have the chance to review these reports to ensure that their views have been accurately captured. These reports will also allow others to learn what took place during each engagement activity.

Presentations, Workshops and Plenary Sessions – Phase Two

The Institute is planning to begin its engagement activities related to the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy and the Fishery Guardian Program in the spring of 2018.

Many workshops will be planned to discuss these 25-year-old programs with community participants and fishery guardians across Canada. The Institute is aware of the great interest that has been shown by communities to be engaged in the review and renewal of these two programs. More time will thus be spent planning and holding workshops and engagement sessions in this area.

We will post a schedule of proposed workshops early in 2018.